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Rotating Equipment Instrumentation: 4 Announcements from T&M Instruments!

Rotating Equipment Instrumentation: 4 Announcements from T&M Instruments! Update #1: An iPad-based route data collector FINALLY has hazardous location approvals! Using an iPad as the heart of a data collector makes sense:  massive processing power, small, GPS receiver, camera, and Wi-Fi were all tools that were unheard of in traditional route data collectors.  For a full datasheet to review, click here. Or if you need a demo click here to contact us.  We stand at the ready for a quote and/or a demo, just ask. Update #2: T&M Instruments now carries the GP:50 brand of melt pressure sensors. For anyone dealing with plastics, melt pressure monitoring is safety critical and process critical.  Many people aren’t happy with the accuracy and reliability of their data.  Results varies with temperature, and from sensor to sensor.  GP:50’s are Made in the U.S.A..  Don Johnston of GP:50 is a world renowned global expert on melt pressure instruments. As part of T&M’s new agreement with GP:50, he’s agreed Continue Reading

LeCroy 4-Channel 500Mhz scopes: $5k or less, touchscreen

LeCroy 500Mhz Scopes: $5K or less, with Touchscreens! “LeCroy” is a big name in the scope industry.  If you’ve captured a trace, you’ve used one or you know who they are.  Here’s the misconception:  LeCroy is known for $100,000+ scopes.  In the last 10 years or so, LeCroy (now Teledyne-LeCroy, their legal dept requires I use their full name) has brought much of the high-end technology into mainstream oscilloscopes.  The result: Some of the best software tools available in scopes that are a few thousand dollars.  We have demo units in the Austin, DFW, and Houston areas.  Can we stop by and show you? Can we help answer any questions? Click here to contact T&M Instruments today!