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Big Temperature Chamber Performance, on your bench!

Big Temperature Chamber Performance!   Durable & Reliable Equipment:   A parts vendor told you their component works to -40 Deg C.  Do you believe them?  You don’t have to anymore, you can test.  Every circuit board design should be tested in hot, cold, and humid environments.  ESPEC just released its latest generation of benchtop temperature / humidity chambers.  These can sit on your desk and require no special power or facilities requirements. A chamber with a range from -20 Deg C to +180 Deg C starts at $7,220, and 5-year financing is available for less than $200 / month.  That includes the latest generation of Watlow touch-screen controllers (the Watlow F4T), stainless steel exterior, quiet operation, and three levels of overheat protection. For the complete family of benchtops click here: or contact us for pricing & details.

Trouble getting your oven, furnace, or thermal chamber serviced?

 Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma have long needed better service on environmental chambers, process ovens, and furnaces including: •Installation and training •Service and repair •Instrumentation upgrades •Calibration     After selling the equipment for over 15 years, T&M proudly announces we can offer these services as well!  We have the technicians, access to parts, and a focus on customer service. Click here to request a quote for service! Need upgrades / improvements on your chamber, furnace, or thermal chamber instead?  Here are some examples of what we can do now:  Add a thermocouple data logger: 2-channel and 20-channel data loggers for temperature, humidity, and other parameters like current draw of your equipment. Mount them, synchronize them to your controller, and get real-time graphs, alarms, and save 4GB of data on-board.   Click here to see the Graphtec GL820, and click here to check out the new Graphtec GL100!!   2.  Measure parts dimensions, as they whiz by, without touching them We Continue Reading