Heat Treat Equipment & Process Monitoring Services

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T&M Instruments works with a carefully selected, and well known group of contractors based in the San Antonio area, Austin area, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth area and Oklahoma. We can travel to other places economically as well within the 4-state region of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Services include:


Image 1Mechanical issues: an approved T&M sub-contractor can come out and diagnose your issue for a nominal fee.  If we cannot fix the issue on-site immediately, or parts need to be ordered, we will provide you a quotation. The service fee will be waived if you opt to allow T&M to fix your chamber.  We make sure our contractors have the best and latest information from the manufacturers in order to fix your chamber in a cost-effective manner and maximize reliability.  Typical service calls involve:

  • Calibration of the controller
  • Addition or upgrade of chart recorders or data loggers
  • Oven uniformity checks (to AMS3750D aerospace specification, when needed)
  • Replacement of heating elements
  • Repair of the HVAC controls


Image 2Shipping Logistics: T&M works with an Austin, TX-based freight broker that is familiar with our factories, and the type of equipment we well.  We work with the factory to get crated weight and dimensional information, special delivery requirements (lift-gate trucks, air-ride trucks are commonly required), and provide you a very competitive rate with premium service and logistics expertise (stock freight image here preferred).

Installation and start-up services:  depending on your circumstances and type of equipment you’ve purchased, this may or may not be required.  T&M can advise if this is needed or not, and provide you a quote from the nearest sub-contractor that can make sure you’re up and running safely.


Image 3Some high-value and ruggedized electronics require very comprehensive manufacturing test.  This is often done with the PXI and rack-mount test equipment we sell.  In addition to the products, we’ve developed relationships with engineering firms that specialize in “ATE” (Automated Test Equipment).  They can provide the following:

  • Electromechanical design services:  lay out the proper instruments, provide fixturing to meet mechanical and electronic performance requirements, and deliver this all as a complete and detailed proposal
  • Software:  development of “TPS” (Test Program Sets),
  • Provide form, fit, and function systems to replace legacy ATE systems, often compatible with pre-existing software.
  • Built-to-print:  procuring specific brands and models of test equipment, building, and testing automated test systems to exacting customer specification.


Image 4T&M Instruments works with approved engineering firms in our 4-state area that are experienced with the type of process monitoring sensors we sell.  They provide the following steps to turn the sensors we sell, into a solution for you:

  • Design and fabricate all the mechanical fixturing, and in some cases source motion control equipment, to mount and align the sensors
  • Program the data acquisition and control modules for a user interface, and a data link to your existing infrastructure
  • Install and test all hardware and software on-site
  • Provide fast post-sale response technical support with minimal travel delays


Image 5For rotating equipment monitoring (pumps / fans / motors), T&M instruments uses approved sub-contractors with certifications from the Vibration Institute or Technical Associates.  We can provide the following services:

  • Come on-site for a “walk-down” at your plant. We help select the appropriate sensors and cables for the environmental conditions, measure off cable lengths, and select appropriate junction boxes to connect to permanently mounted monitoring equipment like PLC’s, or for easy access on a data collection route.
  • We can also provide route data collection as a service for plants with rotating equipment that has to be monitored for vibration levels on a regular basis.  We use our own advanced data collectors based on the Apple IPAD.  We can publish the data to a secure “cloud” location, for your login and review.  Our advanced analytics can help highlight problem areas and spot trouble before it disrupts your process.