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Image 1T&M instruments can step in where the original manufacturer may not be able to help:  some “legacy” (read: old) equipment still has to operate.  T&M has connections with very experience repair and calibration personnel, which can often extend the life of older test equipment. Sometimes it’s more economical to keep existing equipment running.  Our expertise includes:

  • Environmental Chambers:  temperature, humidity chambers primarily
  • Ovens
  • Vibration tables


Image 2T&M Instruments authorized service personnel, can modernize and upgrade the controls on your existing environmental chambers and ovens.  The most common upgrades include:

Modernizing the controller:  the newest controllers can provide ramp rate control between temperature set points, “recipes” that can set a series of temperatures and times, a digital display, and connectivity to a PC or network for data logging and control.

Adding / Upgrading the recorder:  We can add paper chart recorders, but more commonly we add a digital chart recorder, synchronized with the controller.  It records to built-in USB flash memory, and can easily download to a PC for quick reports and archiving.


Image 5Strain gauge Installation:  for structures testing, T&M Instruments uses HITEC.  They work on medium to large-size structures where a high number of gauges needs to be installed, tested, calibrated, and verified.  HITEC has very experienced technicians with extensive experience in both the oil & gas and aerospace industries where the job has to be done correctly and quickly.

Accelerometer Installation: for rotating equipment monitoring, T&M instruments uses approved sub-contractors with certifications from the Vibration Institute or Technical Associates.  We can come on-site for a “walk-down” at your plant. We help select the appropriate sensors and cables for the environmental conditions, measure off cable lengths, and select appropriate junction boxes to connect to permanently mounted monitoring equipment like PLC’s, or for easy access on a data collection route.


Image 3Sometimes it’s not economical to procure your own test equipment and maintain a lab with accreditations.  T&M can provide proposals from 3rd party labs with detailed scope of work, to get your electronics through reliability and compliance testing.  Testing capabilities include:

  • Thermal testing and humidity testing
  • Vibration and shock testing
  • HIpot and ground plane testing
  • EMI / EMC testing (certification and R&D work)
  • RF / Wireless testing (certifications and R&D work)
  • Battery charge / discharge testing
  • Examples of some common test standards we are familiar with include:
  • DO-160 (environmental and electrical testing for commercial aircraft avionics and electronics)
  • MIL-STD-461 – EMI / EMC testing for military electronics
  • MIL-STD-810 – environmental testing for military electronics
  • FCC part 15 for wireless transmitters and unintentional radiators


Image 4T&M Instruments works with our sensor vendors and 3rd party calibration labs, to make sure your needs are met in a timely manner.  Some calibrations are as simple as a functional check, and others have to conform to standards such as ISO 17025 or AS9100 that have to be performed by accredited labs.  T&M knows which ones are best suited for you needs and can help.

Data Acquisition

Route Data Collection: We can also provide route data collection as a service for plants with rotating equipment that has to be monitored for vibration levels on a regular basis.  We use our own advanced data collectors based on the Apple IPAD.  We can publish the data to a secure “cloud” location, for your login and review.  Our advanced analytics can help highlight problem areas and spot trouble before it disrupts your process.