Rotating Equipment Instrumentation: 4 Announcements from T&M Instruments!

Rotating Equipment Instrumentation: 4 Announcements from T&M Instruments!

Update #1: An iPad-based route data collector FINALLY has hazardous location approvals!

Using an iPad as the heart of a data collector makes sense:  massive processing power, small, GPS receiver, camera, and Wi-Fi were all tools that were unheard of in traditional route data collectors.  For a full datasheet to review, click here. Or if you need a demo click here to contact us.  We stand at the ready for a quote and/or a demo, just ask.

Update #2:

T&M Instruments now carries the GP:50 brand of melt pressure sensors.

GP50 melt pressure sensor
For anyone dealing with plastics, melt pressure monitoring is safety critical and process critical.  Many people aren’t happy with the accuracy and reliability of their data.  Results varies with temperature, and from sensor to sensor.  GP:50’s are Made in the U.S.A..  Don Johnston of GP:50 is a world renowned global expert on melt pressure instruments.

As part of T&M’s new agreement with GP:50, he’s agreed to do a few seminars at customer sites for free.  These are normally $2,400 and include details on how to install, maintain, and calibrate all types of melt pressure sensors.  If you need a datasheet, quote, or more info on the seminar, click here!

Update #3: 

CTC accelerometers has a new line of prox probes and accessories.

CTC Prox Probe

T&M Instruments is now allowed to sell accelerometers AND prox probes for slightly less than the online prices.  If you need a quote for comparison, let us know.  The prox probes are not rated for Hazardous Location approvals yet, but they’re interchangeable with Bently-Nevada equipment.  We’ll send out a mailer in a few months when HazLoc approvals are granted.  You can click here to fill out an RFQ or let us know if you have any questions.

Update #4:

NIP Pressure

Nip Pressure Alignment Tool™: Nip Width & Relative Pressure Distribution.
Rollers are an important part of a process in many factories.  Using a thin flexible sensor, you can now measure the nip pressure all along a roller, and test your adjustments for a more uniform process.  You can read more about it by downloading this datasheet.
Click here to download the datasheet.

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