T&M Instruments: Your new technical sales contacts for FLIR!

T&M Instruments: Your new technical sales contacts for FLIR!

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Temperature is the most common measurement in the world, and a picture is worth 1,000 words.  Infrared cameras allow you to take thousands or even millions of those temperature measurements in an instant and re-construct them as an image.  T&M Instruments has been appointed as the new FLIR representative for 2 FLIR product families:  FLIR Science / R&D cameras and FLIR industrial automation cameras.  We cover the states of TX, LA, AR, and OK.

We are very excited, in part because the diversity of challenges that infrared cameras can solve with a little ingenuity and good software.  We have spent way too much time playing with our demo units at the office, and we’re ready to show off the capabilities of these amazing sensors.  If you have any questions, or would like to see a unit, don’t hesitate to let one of our sales engineers know!  You can click here  to fill out a form for any questions or to request a demonstration.

As always – we try to leave you with something useful and technical.  Since this is the beginning of our relationship with FLIR, we thought a basic explanation of how these magical cameras work would be a good start:


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