Trouble getting your oven, furnace, or thermal chamber serviced?

Thermal Camera Shortwave Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma have long needed better service on environmental chambers, process ovens, and furnaces including:

•Installation and trainingOven Repair Guy
•Service and repair
•Instrumentation upgrades



After selling the equipment for over 15 years, T&M proudly announces we can offer these services as well!  We have the technicians, access to parts, and a focus on customer service. Click here to request a quote for service!

Need upgrades / improvements on your chamber, furnace, or thermal chamber instead? 

Here are some examples of what we can do now:

  1.  Add a thermocouple data logger:Graphtec Dataloggers

2-channel and 20-channel data loggers for temperature, humidity, and other parameters like current draw of your equipment.
Mount them, synchronize them to your controller, and get real-time graphs, alarms, and save 4GB of data on-board.


Click here to see the Graphtec GL820, and click here to check out the new Graphtec GL100!!


2.  Measure parts dimensions, as they whiz by, without touching themLaser Scanner

We can sell the sensor, or install the system, to measure expansion on red hot surfaces, or scan any surface – shiny or dark – for angles, gaps, and other dimensions.




Click here to check out the scanCONTROL laser scanner!


3.  Measure hot metallic surfaces, without making contactThermal Camera Shortwave

New, shortwave thermal camera measures red hot metals, new to the industry.


Click here to view the TIM M1 ThermoIMAGER!

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