LeCroy 4-Channel 500Mhz scopes: $5k or less, touchscreen

LeCroy 500Mhz Scopes: $5K or less, with Touchscreens!


“LeCroy” is a big name in the scope industry.  If you’ve captured a trace, you’ve used one or you know who they are.  Here’s the misconception:  LeCroy is known for $100,000+ scopes.  In the last 10 years or so, LeCroy (now Teledyne-LeCroy, their legal dept requires I use their full name) has brought much of the high-end technology into mainstream oscilloscopes.  The result: Some of the best software tools available in scopes that are a few thousand dollars.  We have demo units in the Austin, DFW, and Houston areas.  Can we stop by and show you? Can we help answer any questions?

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