Rugged Electronics Test Equipment

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Rotating Equipment Diagnostics

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Programmable Power

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Process Ovens & Furnaces

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Flight Test Equipment

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T&M Instruments

T&M Instruments are manufacturer’s representatives of test equipment, testing services, process equipment, and install / repair / calibration services. We have technical sales engineers covering TX, LA, AR, OK.

You need someone to return your call or answer your e-mail in a timely manner. You need someone that can visit your facilities, understand your needs, and take all of your questions seriously. You need to talk to a salesperson that’s also an engineer and speaks your language. T&M Instruments provides all these services to you from carefully selected manufacturers and service providers.

Test & Measurement

Rugged Electronics

Test Equipment
Product and services for characterizing the electrical and mechanical properties and reliability of electronics
  • Environmental chambers
  • Shaker tables
  • O-scopes, Power Supplies, e-loads
  • Testing services
  • Equipment repair, calibration

Structures & Materials

Test Equipment
Products and services for mechanical and stress testing of small coupons to airplane wings
  • Load cells and actuators
  • Vibration and pressure sensors
  • Position sensors
  • Data Acquisition equipment
  • Strain Gauging services


Test & Measurement sensors, and ruggedize OEM sensors for an array of physical measurements
  • Load & torque sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Vibration and acoustic sensors
  • Displacement sensors
  • Down-hole and topside Oil & Gas sensors

Engine Test

Sensors and Data Acquisition equipment for motor and engine R&D and validation
  • in-line torque and load sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Data acquisition and control equipment
  • Programming and integration services

Flight Test

Sensors and data acquisition equipment rated for flight test
  • Ramp testers for avionics
  • Vibration, strain, and load sensors
  • Data acquisition equipment
  • Strain gauging services

Programmable Power

Power Equipment and Testing
  • Power Supply Test Systems
  • Electronic loads
  • Programmable AC and DC power supplies

Heat Treat & Process Monitoring

Heat Treat

Products and services for process ovens and furnaces
  • Cure ovens
  • Annealing, carburizing ovens
  • Atmosphere Furnaces
  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Installation, repair, calibration

Process Monitoring

Products and services for monitoring product quality in a manufacturing environment
  • Non-contact sensors for dimensional analysis
  • Non-contact thermal sensors and cameras
  • Pressure distribution and force monitoring on presses and rollers
  • Turn-key custom systems design

Rotating Machinery

Monitoring & Diagnostics
Products and services for monitoring the health of turbines, motors, and pumps and diagnosing issues
  • Vibration sensors and prox probes
  • Vibration transmitters with 4-20mA outputs
  • Apple IPad-based Route Data Collectors
  • Multi-channel data collectors for advanced diagnostics
  • Installation, route data collection, and analysis expert services