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We specialize in all things related to test equipment, testing services, process equipment, and installation, repair, and calibration services. Our team of technical sales engineers covers Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, ensuring timely responses to your inquiries.

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Jace Curtis

(512) 656-6940

Jace has a dedicated career to the sales and marketing of sensors, test equipment, and heat treat equipment. Jace has worked with sensor technologies, data acquisition equipment, and RF/High frequency test equipment and services. Specialties include PC-based analyzers, sensor technology for temperature, strain, and sound/vibration, industrial machine health monitoring. Bachelors Degrees in both Electrical and Bio-Medical Engineering from Vanderbilt University.

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Operations Manager

Kendra Curtis

A master’s degree from Texas State University, Kendra is a company co-owner that managers our office. She generates customer quotations, provides the manufacturers with sales forecasts, manages Human Resources, and provides a variety of business-critical function and support for the outside sales team.

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Field Sales Engineer

Jason Lott

(214) 707-4292

Jason has experience in experimental test and evaluation in the Aerospace and Defense industry, specifically dynamic and acoustic troubleshooting for both military and commercial customers. Qualified components to vibration and shock standards outlined in MIL-STD-810 and DO-160. Live Telemetry and post-processing experience analyzing both time-history and spectral data for accelerometers, strain gages, bending gages, torque sensors, pressure sensors, displacements gages, tachometers and thermocouples. Since joining T&M, Jason has become an expert in heat treat equipment: drying ovens, vacuum furnaces, annealing / post-weld heat treat ovens, and general purpose ovens and furnaces. Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

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Field Sales Engineer

Jared Tulio

(737) 710-9396

Jared has studied and worked throughout Texas. Originally a Houston native, Jared earned an engineering degree at Texas Tech. He started his career in Dallas as a product marketing engineer, then a test engineer for Texas Instruments and Unicom, respectively. Jared’s background is unique in that he has personally used or managed the use of much of the heat treat equipment, electrical and environmental test equipment he sells today for commercial, aerospace, and marine-oriented applications. He’s the newest member of T&M’s team and we’re lucky to have him!

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Field Sales Engineer

Michael Shakin

(832) 491-8333

Michael Shakin, based in Houston, has a solid foundation in engineering. With experience spanning the aerospace sector, Michael has contributed to projects related to real-time satellite operations and software development for manned spacecraft. Transitioning to project management roles, he has also delved into the commercial and research engineering industries. Michael's blend of technical knowledge and management skills makes him adept across multiple engineering disciplines.